What is Scare Actors?
A low budget 30-min workplace comedy short that takes place within the world of working in a crappy scare attraction, but an actual haunted house.
This is Lynn’s first year working at a scare attraction. It’s been a rough year for her, money is tight, and she’s desperate to get away from it all and start over. What better place than the insane world of Halloween themed entertainment.
Here she meets Daniel and Jordan. Now Daniel has been stuck in the small town of Monterey all his life but can’t seem to get away. And Jordan knows she’s destined for bigger things, but the yearly scare actor job feels like the closest she’ll ever get to showcasing her fashion designs.
And of course we have our attraction owner, Ms. Keys. She's pretty normal, as normal as you can be to own a horror attraction. With an obsession of the supernatural, Ms. Keys and her daughter Vanessa are looking for ways to increase their scare business.
And all the while, the house itself doesn't feel quite right. Sure the house is old, but recently it feels colder and kind of janky, almost like the house has woken up after a long slumber. 
As time goes on, our scare actors will become more acquainted with the house. The next question is, will they survive once they fully know what it holds.
Watch the Full Short Here ->
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