Have a few laughs with Determinal Velocity's Sketches
Bigfoot Bachelorette
A spoof of monster hunting "reality" shows. I thought the idea of a wacky bachelorette party sounded like a lot of fun. Instead of a strip club, go get a lap dance from Bigfoot. ​​​​​​​
Resting Bitch Face Foundation PSA
Thousands of people suffer from Resting Bitch Face Everyday. We here at the Resting Bitch Face Foundation are here to spread awareness and talk about the issues people with RBF face.
Graduation: A Short
When we graduate, we leave more than school behind. 
A Short Film about two friends taking a short walk down memory lane for possibly the last time. Kids grow up. Teenagers move on. Life makes us separate. A person you once considered your brother, will soon be a complete stranger. So what do you do? You remember, you reminisce, but ultimately it's better if the past is left behind so you can go forward. 
When we graduate, we leave more than school behind.
Liesyol for Men

Marketing can be so difficult nowadays, how do you pitch cleaning supplies to a modern day male? Not like this...
Aren't siblings the worst? But you got to love them anyways, especially if you're both immortal witches.
Table for Two
Danny, minding his own business, strolls unintentionally into Jack's Restaurant. Jack however lives in his own mind, and thinking his world is some sort of sitcom invites Danny to sit down and talk about his troubles. But sitcoms aren't real. Jack's delusions dip and turn revealing the sad life Jack lives.
Average James
Determinal Velocity's first Skit.
A fun silent film about James, and his poor timing and luck.

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